Website Proposal for Artist Website

How to keep costs low for your art website.

Getting Started

Start small, get an online presence started, so you can promote your work in local galleries and have a website to showcase your art. Create payment links using stripe and promote in-person at events, and online in Facebook and Instagram.  (free advertising, starts building relationships with people that will want to purchase from you and help you learn how to market and advertise your business. You can start with print on demand, manually at no cost.  Create a free account on printify and make orders for your customers.  You won't have the automations of printify being built into your website, so it will take time, but it will also take more time to get orders.  Orders don't automatically start on a website, it takes time to build.

Website Cost

Website Domain
includes a custom URL (thats the address people can find your website)
$300 paid yearly
free virtual class
This is your content having a space on the interest.

Website Editor
Log in and make updates for your website.

Add On:  Tech Support
For a new website, we start with 40 hours and do our best to complete the project within that time frame.  There are some things that are not in our control, you can help us keep hours lower by being clear on what you want, and not requesting to many changes.
$2000/40 hours
50/hour paid upfront
or $300 a month
60/hour paid monthly

Payment Processing Using Stripe

 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction to accept card payments online and 2.7% plus 5 cents to accept in-person payments 

unlimited Payment links
add a custom page using stripes website and secure payment processor
Mainly it's free. It's secure, most websites are using stripe as a platform for processing payments. You can create custom payment links or subscription links for reoccurring payments. You can connect accounts, and share commission if someone makes a purchase on a payment link that is connected it will automatically pay you and the other person.

When you click to make a purchase a new URL shows up using the stripe url.  It takes people off your website. It doesn't keep track of sales, and limit sales.  If 15 people purchase your item it will sell 15.  Where as a shopping store built into your website you can limit items, for example if 4 are available after 4 items sell, it will say sold out.

Add on
Stripe offers an add on of custom domain, that will use your domain for invoices, products and shopping cart.
$ 10/month


Upgrade to a more professional look, add a shopping cart directly into your website, add the features of autoposting to Facebook and instagram and add Print on Demand.

Shopping Cart - Built into your website

1 - 5 products
Essential features like $0 transaction fees, mobile shopping cart, and more.
100 products 
Everything in the free plan plus: professional features like integrating with Facebook shop, and Instagram Shop, discount coupons, tax calculation, CSV export.
$ 19/month
$14.08 paid annually
2500 Products
Everything in previous plans plus: automated marketing emails, wholesale pricing, marketplace integration, custom invoices.
$ 39/month
$29.08 paid annually
All features in previous plans, includes pos integration, priority support and 50% discount on mobile app.
$ 99/month
$82.50 paid annually

Print on Demand

Print on Demand through Printify or Printful.

KEEP IN MIND | Automations doesn't mean zero effort or work
Sometimes the quality of products change, or your design no longer fits the measurement of your item. This is not a business that becomes no work... a part of your work is continually updating your store and keeping track of product changes, the platform makes it easier but the best stores, the owners are logging in and keeping everything current and up to date.


Unlimited items
Commission on sales is 30% to 40%. Printify has its base price for item and you can create your price for selling. Create and order your items for yourself and your costumers.  This option is free but does not offer built in support and automations.  Works best if you pre-purchase items for sale and sell in-person at events, art galleries, and storefronts.
Commission on sales is 30% to 40%
Printify Connect
Commission on sales is 50% to 60% Create and order your items for yourself and your costumers or have your storefront embedded in your website.  You do not need a shopping cart on your website to connect printify connect.  However if you want to sell print on demand and other items you would need both.

$24.99 paid annually


Unlimited items
Commission on sales is 30% to 40% Printful has its base price for items and you can create your price for selling. Create and order your items for yourself and your costumers.  This option is free and can you can make purchases for your clients or integrate with our store to sell online. 
Commission on sales is 30% to 40%
Printful Growth and Printful Business Membership
Printful recently added a membership offering 20% more commission.  Growth Membership is available by application once your store has made $12,000 and Business Membership is available after $60,000.  You have to earn these features.