Our Website Builder

Easy Drag & Drop Builder
with a Professional Content Management System

The number one reason you want a website is likely to - connect with people, reach more clients, save time, share a message, demonstrate your skills, build your business, for work, and for fun! 

Starting with a website template makes it easy to create a website in a shorter amount of time. Templates are generous! It's an accessible way to save time and money. The time and financial cost of building a website with code goes way up. While it may have some unique features, more likely, the code in the backend is not actually as functional and it requires a lot more maintenance.  The code used in templates is functional and requires less maintenance than building a website with code, making it an ideal solution for small businesses.

Templates are great for creating a consistent and recognizable presence for your website. Your website will be more aligned with what your customers expect because the layout and design is familiar to them. Your images, copy and presence will make your site unique and valuable service for your customer.

Having a website is a powerful way to reach out to people and make meaningful connections. With the right design, content, and tools, your website can be a great asset for connecting with others. Are there any particular features you would like to see on your site that would help you connect better? 

Get Started with a consultation to discuss how we can start with a template and create a unique experience for your community.

whats included

A simple website can be one page that scrolls, or multible pages.  You can add a blog or collections. Our content manager makes it easy to organize  your website. Websites are customizable you can change the colors, fonts, and images.

You'll get:

* a drag and drop website editor

* tutorial videos to edit your site

* includes a blog option

* add as many pages as you like

* includes your own domain name and website security

* support with setting up the website, domain, & email

Cost - $300 a year


Offer all of your information in one place. It's common to have an about section, services section, photo gallery, and contact section, you can customize all sections.


Having a blog brings traffic to your website, demonstrates your skills, and  builds relationships with your clients.

Website Editor

 Our website editor makes it easy, you can start from scratch or pick a template. We can customize your website for you, or you can fully design your site, colors and images to fit your business.

Mobile Friendly

Your Website will look great on any device and any browser.

Sample Websites


In some cases you can back up the code of your existing website.  We would not be changing anything to your existing site if we redesign it, we would start a website from scratch and when you approve the new site we would make the change.

Yes, we can save a lot of time by pulling content and repurposing it for your website. 

Yes, you will be able to make your own changes to your website in the included web editor.  You can also request us to make changes for you.

We include one domain with each website.  The domain belongs to you, the customer. At any point you can email jen@consciouswebpresence.com and transfer your domain.