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Life is short and there is all kinds of things I want to repeat, sunsets, dog walks, yoga,  a fav restaurant with friends and family, & smiles. When it comes to learning something, I'd rather be quick about it, learn from someone that knows and move on. We have better things to do then sit for hours with tech support or search online endlessly and loop in circles not accomplishing what we intended to do.

Welcome to the tutorial section of my website! This is where we can come together though-out time in space to learn from each other. Imagine we were in a classroom with an energized group of creatives and business owners. It is a place for us to ask questions and discover answers to things we didn't know we wanted to know.

That's what I intend this space to be, an offering for us to come together over a varierty of topics.  I offer assistance and interview guests on topics such as how to start a podcast, how to start a zoom meeting, and how to update your website.  If you need help with something, please ask a question - if I can answer it, I will let you know as soon as possible and provide a follow up video for others and your own future review.

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How to make color changes on your website
How to change the size of your images on your website
How to change the size of your images on your website
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