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Website Creation Class for Artists

Website Creation Class for Artists
The easiest way to launch your website for DIYer's!

May 18th from 10 AM - 4 PM. (1 hour break 12:30 to 1:30)

Ready to embark on your journey of website creation from scratch? This class is for DIYer's who want to build a website in a group setting with support to help you navigate the website editor, and learn the not-so-intuitive elements of web design. In the first class you'll learn the dashboard of the editor, change text, images, colors and fonts. How to add new pages and sections to a web page, buttons and links and add additional information to make your website search engine friendly. Your website will have the ability to have a blog section and multiple pages.

May 25 from 10 AM - 4 PM (1 hour break from 12:30 to 1:30)

For those that want to add Ecommerce, and/or Print on Demand in this class we will set up a payment gateway, add shipping info, and products to your website.

All of the content for your website including - images and copy must be ready to go and submitted to the teacher before May 6. We will be setting up some basic elements before class.

How to register:
Prepare the content for your website and schedule a meeting with Jen to review the details. (215) 317-2412

This needs to be done before May 6.

Requirements for Class:

* A Laptop

* Headphones

* The website editor is $300/year and includes one domain, hosting, security and a portal to edit your website.

* Register:

What Our Clients Say

Thank you for sharing your experience with working with us!

Brian Brogan, MS, CMT, CEPA, WFAA

Jen has been an incredible resource for our program for many different projects. Each project that Jen works on, she brings a wealth of experience and ideas which are accretive immediately. I would highly recommend her professionalism and work for your organization.

Sandi Young

When I decided I would start an Etsy website that also raised money for World Central Kitchen, I was at a loss as to how to attack the project.
Jennifer saw my vision and helped me plan the site. She went the extra mile for me and shared ideas that were new and innovative. She even helped me get started with social media to advertise my product to my target audience.
She worked hard and came through with imaginative ideas ; all with a great sense of humor. I highly recommend her.

Margo Langlotz

Jen has a deep grasp of technology and her coaching skills are on point. I highly recommend working with her.


A website domain is the address people find your content on the internet.  Website hosting is how your website content is stored and placed on the internet, think of a giant computer thats holding information in a secure way that people can access when joining to your website domain.  The website editor is how you access the backend of your website to make adjustments.

The domain,  website hosting, security, and editor fee is $300 per year.  If you'd like a storefront the price depends on how many items you have for sale for example: 5 items is free, 100 items is $15 per month.  A storefront features options like keeping tack of product, customers, email marketing, categorizing products. If you'd like an online calendar or email marketing, the price would be the cost of the online calendar or email marketing software.  If you want to review costs based on your specific website goals, schedule a 15 minute meeting.

Projects like a full website build we ask for 2 to 6 weeks depending on the size of the website. A one page website can be done in a day, a five page website in a week, a blog or storefront up to 6 weeks. We prioritize emergencies and deadlines of existing projects.

In some cases you can back up the code of your existing website.  We would not be changing anything to your existing site if we redesign it, we would start a website from scratch and when you approve the new site we would make the change.

Yes, we can save a lot of time by pulling content and repurposing it for your website. 

Yes, you will be able to make your own changes to your website in the included web editor.  You can also request us to make changes for you.

We include one domain with each website.  The domain belongs to you, the customer. At any point you can email and transfer your domain.

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