This webpage is all about helping you understand some concepts in Web Design

What is website hosting?

Hosting is a service where physical servers store the content of your website and make it possible to be seen on the internet. Additionally, this service includes the maintenance of servers, ensuring website security, optimizing performance, and ensuring reliability.

What is website ranking?

Websites are ranked so that robots can search billions of website pages and properly match people with the most useful pages based on their search intent.  A new website will not have the same ranking as one that has been established, but there are strategies to consider when designing a website to improve its ranking. This includes creating high-quality content with appropriate heading tags and keywords, as well as optimizing images for fast loading speed.


If you're looking to build your YouTube channel here are a few helpful habits to begin.

image of YouTube channel for creating  seo strategy

 Search engine optimization (SEO) is an effective way of helping your videos get seen more often on YouTube. By following a set of best practices there are some simple actions you can take to help viewers find your videos. Some examples include adding keywords, mentioning the title of the video and keywords in the video, adding captions, and more. All these steps help to reach more people and build an effective Youtube strategy. To get a full list of actions to take for successful Youtube marketing download our Youtube SEO Checklist. This is a great resource to utilize when creating a Youtube strategy and helps to ensure success.


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