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Key Features of E-commerce Websites:

  • Product Listings: E-commerce websites feature catalog-style product listings, complete with descriptions, images, and pricing information, allowing customers to browse and select items of interest.

  • Shopping Cart Functionality: Customers can add products to a virtual shopping cart and proceed to checkout, where they can review their order, enter shipping and payment details, and complete the purchase.

  • Secure Payment Processing: E-commerce websites integrate secure payment gateways to facilitate transactions, ensuring that sensitive financial information is encrypted and protected during online transactions.

Key Differences:While both traditional websites and e-commerce websites share some common elements, such as web pages and content, the primary difference lies in their purpose and functionality. A traditional website serves as an informational hub, whereas an e-commerce website is specifically geared towards facilitating online sales and transactions.

How much does it cost to set up an ecommerce website?

Having an website with E-commerce 

Website Cost: $300/year

* includes one domain

* website hosting

* website editor

* security certificate included

* email set-up

Storefront Add-On

$0 free for 1-5 items

$14.08 / month for up to 100 items

$29.08 / month for up to 2500 items


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